About Me

Nul.is, I registered this domain in 2012. It’s Iceland domain but with Indonesian words in it. Nulis means write in English and Pe.nul.is is writer. I got inspiration from domain hack like instagr.am

Here I try to write in English, as non-native speaker I found it’s hard to type words in English. I don’t have any college degree and learn English from books and games. I’m too lazy to check the grammar or open Google Translate, so I write everything here as is.

Ah yes I can generate everything here with ChatGPT but I don’t find any use of AI right now, at least for me. I want this blog feels personal and natural so I let it go. No grammar checks and no translation.

Well, Nul.is is my personal blog where I wrote or showcasing my website design. Nothing great here yet, while I work full-time job I tried to maximize my free time to learn the web development.

My Contact

Feel free to contact me regarding Google Sites templates, web development, static hosting, and anything in between.