About Me

I will do my best to be your long-term partner by providing website management service for your business.

I know it’s not easy to trust people online. So let me introduce myself.

My name is Izandi. I lived in Indonesia. English is not my native language. I learned it from informal way: read dictionary, english texts, and video games. I don’t finished school so I don’t have any degree.

My first encounter with website was when my father bought Intel Pentium 2 PC. That was amazing thing for me. Fast forward I learned about Joomla and WordPress. Websites feels like magic to me because everybody can open it anywhere with internet connection.

What Pe.nul.is means?

Penulis means writer in english. This domain fee is $35/year more expensive than .com. Yes, I want to take this business seriously so I should have a brand. Inspired from domain hack like instagr.am, I decided to registered nul.is even though it’s expensive for me.

My contact

You can talk to me and even visit me because I’m real person.

Timezone GMT+7
Available from 6AM – 8PM

WhatsApp (text preferred) : Click to chat
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Google Maps

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